I write first to my children for whom I would leave, if not a better world, then, ideas to guide them to a stronger future.  They inherit a nation intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt.  America is long down the road of decay even though we have been warned away from there (I think of George Orwell and Alexander Solzhenitsyn).  For that I am sorry — the generations have failed to prepare a better world as they have pursued self-preservation and pleasure.  This is always a dead end —  and we are there.

I write second for the American warriors willing to give their all — they trust that if they do their part, then there are those at home who will do theirs.   Those of us with the capacity to shape ideas must engage in the struggle for our country and people.  We have surrendered at home for lack of intellectual courage.

I write for those who cannot write, as they fight for those who will not fight.  The suffocating political control of those who tell us that we can’t say this and we can’t say that is our modern tyranny.  Forbidden ideas are denounced with academically acceptable four letter words such as racist or sexist or homophobic or privileged or ignorant. The idea is to prevent the very discussion of some ideas — there is no freedom of speech in the modern University and that totalitarian bile is seeping ever deeper into every area of American life.

This is no idle shop talk.  It is a battle of political control — someone will win and someone will lose.  There is no steady state in which the little tyrants will be happy — if you haven’t woken up to that fact then it is time you started thinking about that.

We cannot all get along — that is an irrefutable fact of history.   There is only peace when one side surrenders.  I’m not surrendering; and if you’ve read this far then you’re not surrendering either.


I am a father of four and husband to my wife. Over the years I have worked blue and white collar jobs. My Ph.D. is History from the Univ. of Miami.

Everything I write is ONLY my personal opinion; nothing I write reflects my employer, its views, policies, prejudices, programs or priorities. I only speak for myself.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Colorado Springs Baghdad, Iraq

One thought on “About

  1. I will NOT surrendered for lack of intellectual courage. With Power of Pen, I will speak about “Forbidden Ideas”. I want to leave this world knowing my kids will say: my dad was not an intellectual coward.


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