What Comes After the Fall?

If the Global World order is doomed to collapse — and I think it is — what comes next? Chaos, anarchy, and war, of course, but no less than there is now. It will just be different. When Rome collapsed, different forms of government emerged, none attached to the center — there was no more center of power.

Many have demonstrated the inherent contradictions in our current global order and there is no value added for me to contribute to that other than what I’ve said.

Many call for a return to true “Constitutional” government in the United States and I fully support that as I’ve sworn an oath to the Constitution.

Yet since this government (regardless of which party is in power) has so far exceeded the Constitution’s parameters of limited government it is hard to imagine a way back. And the men in black — our federal judges — take the Constitution to mean anything they say it means, even though the Constitution itself did not give the courts the right to determine constitutionality.

So I’m turning me efforts to fundamentally re-working the ideas of human thought and ideas and, ultimately, government.

More to come.

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