So This Is What It Looks Like

Civil War, that it. This is what it looks like. Wholesale attack on a constitutionally elected president: Lies, lies, and more lies.   The previous president can sick the IRS on political opponents and it gets put a yawn from Republics, Democrats, the deep state, and the Press.   Doesn’t even matter.  Hillary can set up a “private” server (which was, apparently, shared with the world) and somehow this is Trump’s problem?  Because maybe the Russian’s tapped into it?  The Clinton’s  get millions in cash as Hillary presided over the approval of the sale of a uranium mining company to the Russians.  No big deal.

But Trump?  Oh hell, no.  He’s gotta go, says the embedded elite.  He doesn’t share their vision of government divorced from real American people — voters.  They have an agenda, a global agenda, in which they rule, and we become the serfs.

Oh, wait, we already are the serfs.  They are supremely upset because we dared to revolt.

So this is how it begins.  The War.   The War at  home. The “civil” war that won’t be so civil.

Or is this a slave rebellion?  No wonder they are so full of fear.  These never end well, no matter who wins.

And this is just beginning.




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