Suidlanders: White Christians in South Africa

The Suidlanders are a group of White Christians on the defense (for their lives) in South Africa.  The threat comes explicitly from Blacks who are threatening to murder them as a group — something many liberals would refer to as genocide except it has never been applied to Europeans.  This podcast is worth your time to listen to.

World Net Daily has an article on the history of southern Africa and the history of the Suidlanders:

“Suidlanders is an emergency plan under international humanitarian law, according to the protocols additional to the Geneva conventions with regard to the protection of victims of armed conflicts of 8 June 1977.”

Under the Geneva Convention protocols cited by the group, the protections apply specifically to identifiable groups, such as ethnic groups.

In a wide-ranging interview with WND, Simon Roche, chief of the Suidlanders’ headquarters, explained that such protections would have applied to Jews during World War II, Tutsi people in Rwanda amid the genocide there, or Croats in Serbia during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.

“We, as a particular persecuted group – over 74,000 whites murdered by blacks since 1994 and over 3,500 farmers alone murdered by blacks since 1994 – which happens to be white, are no different,” Roche explained, saying the group was not racist but was responding to hate being whipped up against South African whites.

For more, see the Suidlanders site.

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