The Left Cannot Build Anything

I was a freshman at the University of Washington in 1979.  This was the year the Iranians sacked the US Embassy and took our diplomats hostage.  The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade — Seattle branch I suppose — was active.  Burning US flags.  Demonstrating.  Haranguing against America and Americanism on a bull-horn in from of the Husky Union Building.

That was a bit strange for me to see as an 18 year old freshman.  I loved my country, of course. And couldn’t imagine why anyone would advocate for communism.    My biggest criticism of communism is, and remains, that they are great at tearing things down but powerless to build.

Anyone can wound, maim, and kill.  It is not hard to tear something down.

It is quite another thing to build a society or a civilization and this is something the Left has never been able to do

  • USSR
  • Cuba
  • Communist China (before the moved to market capitalism, which is it’s own special evil).
  • Venezuela
  • Camodia under PolPot.

I’ll never forget my verbal jousts with some communist bastard who said “we are going to war.”  And I said “yes, I know,” but I didn’t really, but now I see we have and they won.

Thirty-eight years later, America is much worse off, not because the Communists failed to win, but because they took over in-place, without a violent revolution.  They invaded the Universities, took over the professorships, and now teach every American. The ideas of the Left infiltrated the minds of the students, and then became mainstream in our modern American political world.

Not knowing how to make anything,  they criticized and destroyed.

They have no conscious thought that without what they criticize they could never exist.   

  • Feminism can’t exist without a strong society built by men. Can they really lead men in battle?
  • Open Borders can’t exist unless there as a land valuable enough to invade.  No one wants to move to Cuba or Venezuela and live in those “People’s Paradises.”
  • Homosexuality  — there are no homosexuals without heterosexual mating.
  • State Welfare cannot exist when there are no producers.
  • Multi-culturalism has come to mean bringing the truly foreign closer and giving them an excuse as to why they should remain foreign and live off the host’s productivity.

The Republicans have been nothing more than a “loyal opposition” to the Left.  Why? Because they went to the same universities and were brainwashed.  They support open borders, homosexuality, multi-culturalism, and the transfer of the means of production away from the Middle-Class (whether overseas or the corporations).  They gave up a token cry of opposition, then folded and claimed to be a “kindler, gentler” Republican party. What rot.

They were thrilled to bring in millions of temporary workers on H1 visas who never left (no surprise there) and support easy money to the banks, students, homebuyers, and themselves  . . . what would it hurt? And so we are all deeper in debt than any generation previous to us.

Both parties destroyed.  Neither can build.   They exist to give themselves power at the expense of those who are truly productive and support this country (which are not the welfare recipients and are not the hedge-fund managers).

Marxism — secular materialism — invaded this country and no one has been able to stop it.  It would seem the only way it will go is via self-destruction like in Venezuela, a country rich in natural resources (oil) but bankrupt of anything but the critique of the Left.  And that doesn’t feed anyone.

A full explanation of this phenomenon will require a critique of the Republicans who claim to be pro-free market an pro-capitalism but what those things have become is nothing more that wholesale transfer of wealth from the middle classes to the top 1% while the lower classes stay quiet because they don’t pay taxes, get free housing, free medical care, free “welfare” and even a phone.   Even the midieval world is better than what we are becoming because the peasants could grown their own food.  No one can anymore — we are slaves to giant corporations and at their mercy for food.

We have destroyed this country, Democrat and Republican, because we’ve adopted as normal the discourse and values of the Left, of secular Materialism, of Marxism, or cultural amalgamation and atheism.

To build requires a fundamental re-thinking of the order of America.  Or Americas — there’s no reason to think this country won’t split in two or three our five.

First, people have to be willing to be hated by the Left (including the loyal opposition in the “Republican” party) and the secular conservatives (like Bill O’Reilly) who are really just  straw men for the left to knock down and look brave and give the appearance of being the dominant and righteous way.

Unless we redefine who we are and are willing to fight for it — if need be in the streets — we’ll go the way of the middle class in Cuba and Venezuela.  Except that they could flee to Miami.  To where will the Right flee?

Don’t think you’ll move to northern Idaho.  If the globalists (the Left) still control the country they’ll just transplant a few tens of thousands of Muslims to Coeur d’Alene,  call them “refugees,” and then send an army of human rights attorneys to prosecute the living bejesus out of anyone daring to speak out against this atrocity.   Look at the poor Swedes.  I almost want to feel sorry for them, but they’ve believed their own lies and now are aliens in their own land.

Battle lines have been drawn.  Trump may stay in office but they Left isn’t going away.  If we “play nice” like the Republicans have been doing since 1968, we’ll go the way of Judge Bork and Richard Nixon, victims of the so-called “tolerant” Left which is anything but.  The Right has been “tolerant” to our own destruction.

My favorite right-wing thinker is Alexander Solzhenitsyn.   He was a Russian patriot — an officer in the Red Army’s Artillery Corps. He went afoul of the Communists because he criticized them and he ended up in a Gulag.  (We do the same in America without Gulags — you will not be hired, you will not get tenure, you will lose your job or be kicked out of school for being guilty of “hate speech.”) Latter in life Solzhenitsyn wrote a book on how to rebuild — “to the Land and to the Church” is what I recall of it.  And I can’t think of a better motto than that.

Agriculture keeps men honest.  And fed.  The church keeps us with an eye on the Judgement Day and living for the future — through our children and grand-children.

This all takes me back to Solomon who said “the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.”  Because in the end, we are all dead.  But in that end, we are all Judged and will give an account for our lives. .  The lie of the Left is there is no judgment or accountability — it is all someone else’s fault and they all “owe you!”

An honest man will give his life for his family —  working hard and supporting them. This is the most natural order in the world.  The Judgement Day is not mysterious.    Having  land  to support a family is honest and keeps us focused on what matters.  But our “economic” order has destroyed the ability of most to do that both in Socialist paradises and capitalist urban hell-holes — both products of Statists, which is at the core of leftist ideology.    

Back to 1979.  He said we are going to war — and we were close to punches then.  The only reason it hasn’t gone kinetic is because the Right folded.   Which takes me to today.

The Left is violent.  They have no allegiance to the any law but their own.  They haven’t needed to be violent so far because the Right simply folded, like we see in Sweden.  But if the Right  becomes a force independent of control by the Left (or the State), then the violence will come.  And that war he told was coming will be here in force.   Either the Producers (the natural right) can stick their head in the sand and pretend it isn’t so, or we can wake up and get ready.  You may not want war, but war wants you.

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