Rated “R” for Right Wing

We can all read Trump’s executive orders so there’s no need to recap them.   In summary:  America is the first priority.   Americans are the first priority.  No guilt. No apologies.  Just in your face.  Oh and it’s about time.

The Left has controlled the discourse now since the 1960s and since 1968 is best embodied in the Democratic Party although the real revolutionaries are the college professors.  Professors are those tho profess a faith, and guard and propagate an orthodoxy — a religion.  In the West they are the bastion of Marxist/Atheism.  The Left —  destroying organic identities  to make us “units” without gender, without gods, without ancestry, without blood, without allegiance to land or kith or kin or trade.   The Left would that we become feeble and docile servants to the Empire of Nothing — manipulants, toyed with and discarded by the masters of identity politics.  Yet,  what is wrong with organic identity?

We are taught to be happy with a vicarious life — reality TV, “sports,” movies, video games, logo-ed T-shirts, advertisements for homes, wealth that we can never possess, and designer clothes made in the same factory in China.   Neither male nor female, neither patriots nor rebels, not “true believers” in anything other than in the Empire of Nothingness — obedient drones drinking $5 latte’s, riding exercise bikes, giving to United Way, voting reliably Democratic, or if so bold, Green or Libertarian or — to validate the Democrats — for a Republican like little Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney who may be mistaken for a Clinton (either one).   

No passion. No belief. No cause.  No organic identity. Just shut up and go along with the left-ward drift — and it is a drift.

This Empire of Nothingness is incapable of defending itself.  Look at poor Europe. Look at Sweden!   They, with the Cross of gold on a field of blue, are utterly incapable of finding anything good enough within themselves  to be worthy of defense.   “Open up the gates to the barbarians!” they cried. And so they did and so they are fondled and mocked by the immigrants they are helping.

And so it shall go with all the West unless we rediscover a greatness worth  defending. 

Where are our Heroes? Where are our gods?  Where is our blood? 

Who has been willing to lay down their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for this Empire of Nothingness?

 This all is just beginning.  


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