Fake News

Happy New Year!

Lies and Fake News.  OK.  Let’s talk about Fake news.

Fake News:  Reverse Entropy: the generation of something complex and living from something simple and non-living — is the ultimate Fake News.  Fewer scientists believe this and  seek out other explanations for life on earth such as Panspermia, as mythical as any idea out there.

The theory of Reverse Entropy (a.k.a. Evolution), as evangelized in our public schools, is a violation physical principles: the Second Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as the Law of Entropy.  Simply stated, over time, systems become more chaotic and less organized.  Over time, buildings decay and fall apart. Over time, energy (such as from a fire) dissipates (the fire goes out).  There is no fundamental principle — observable and repeatable — that suggests  that matter, without outside intelligence, design and work, self arranges from less complex to more complex — from a basic carbon atom to an eye-ball.  This is old fashioned hokey-pokey non-sense made up for people who demand an explanation that excludes a Creator.

All evidence of genetic mutation suggests that damage to the genetic string degrades sophistication, not increases it.  Thus, radiation destroys the ability to replicate healthy genes, it does not make them more complex and sophisticated.

This story of auto-genesis — of Reverse Entropy — is Atheist Man’s creation myth.   Theistic Man has a better, strong, more internally consistent Creation story called: Creation.   As in, In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.    The two stories are wholly inconsistent.

Because we are finite and non-omniscient, the best thinking man can do with his theories, I think, is to make them internally consistent.  I mean, I wasn’t here in the beginning.  I am not out side of Creation. I am not omniscient.  And I understand this. Therefore, I have to accept the fact that much of what I perceive as true (whether I am and Atheist or a Theist) is purely based on conjecture (a.k.a. Presupposition, axioms, accepted truths, Faith).   So the next best thing I can do is at least check my theories for internal consistencies.

Reverse Entropy’s (Evolution) most self-apparent inconsistency is that you can’t get something from nothing.  Entropy — universally observed — disallows Reverse-Entropy (which is Evolution).   Big “E” evolution is a myth: “we magically emerged from the mud without outside intelligence, design or work.”   [We’re not talking genetic mutation: one can’t say “because genes  mutated (damaged from radiation) things naturally increase in complexity.”  That’s anti-Entropy.  So, internally inconsistent.]

Let’s do a little self examination of the Genesis.   We have a story in which everything is created “very good” by God.   At the end of creating, God reflects upon his creation and says “And God saw everything that he had made and it was very good.”   

What is “very good” to a holy, perfect, eternal being?   No corruption.  No death. No disease.  No evil.

In the story, death and evil come some time after he makes a “very good” Creation.   Man is upon the scene.  Eve, the woman, decides that she can judge whether or not   what Adam said to her about what God said was true. This was the original theory of truly independent knowledge.  She accepts (without any capability of verification) what the Serpent said as true.    How strange. She was created by God of her husband Adam yet she rejects them both for the lying word of the Devil who appeals to her ego: “you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  Vanity. Arrogance. Pride.  The yearning for a life independent of God.

Thus the earthly creation become corrupt when Adam and Eve rebelled.  Man will die and Adam’s first (Cain) will be a murderer.   How interesting.

Man becomes so corrupt that God decides to wipe from the face of the earth every creature that draws breath save Noah and those with him on the Ark.  With them he starts anew.   And he promises a savior who will come to be the permanent atonement for the sins of Man — Jesus, the Christ.

Given this story, what does Reverse Entropy  say?  It says — the world began base, simple, unsophisticated, without life. Life emerges over time and becomes more complex.  Eventually sentient, beautiful creatures emerge and eventually, the penultimate expression of “what is” is Mankind!  Wise! Independent!  Knowledgeable! Self-Aware!  Able to make moral choices!  Controlling his environment!  And we are taught that good and evil are but social constructs invented by societies for various purposes of self-preservation.

If this is true, then for what purpose is there a Savior?  If mankind “evolved” from nothing, from some simple non-life form, and is now this magnificent being, then clearly things progress from bad to good over time, from life-less-ness to life, from ignorance to intelligence, from non-sentience to sentience, from virtually  nothing to something great! If this is true, then for what purpose does God need to exist? For what purpose does man need a Savior?

If sin is but the subjective invention of man, then for what need an sacrifice for sin?

If we Evolved (Entropy was reveresed)  and are becoming wiser, stronger, and better, for what need a Savior?

If Evolution is True, then the Christian story is non-sense.

A problem with Christianity as we know is is that the Church has largely bought into he myth of Evolution.   And as such, the story of Christianity becomes internally inconsistent: if we Evolved, then there is no need for a Savior.    

If, however, Evolution is a lie — if Reverse Entropy is a lie —  then the Church is guilty of accepting and condoning the Big Lie.

Big Lies are hard to refute — because they are usually bigger than us.  But why would the Church, like Eve, accept the Lie over the Truth?   

If we “evolved,” then missionary activity is a farce and insisting upon “one way” to God does not make sense.   

But if Reverse Entropy (Evolution) is the Big Lie — and evidence continues to stack up that it is — then the Church is guilty of turning away from the Truth and will be accountable at the Judgement Day for the souls of the men of their generation.

Why is all this important?  Because I belive in Truth, and that Truth is important.  

Thankfully, there are men out there pointing us back in the right direction.  Henry Morris is probably the god-father of all of them. But there are more.   

Here’s a couple of sites that tackle the Story of Genesis in contrast to the Myth of Reverse Entropy:






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