Fake News

Fake News.

The energy swirling around the concept of ‘fake news’ is staggering — it is staggering in the sense that we have been living with “fake news” for so long that we no longer recognize reality from illusion.

Governments have long put out news in accordance with its political wishes, no more so than under the Obama administration which has spent tens of millions advertising it’s social programs, including welfare for illegal aliens and Obamacare. Government sponsored propaganda: Fake News. They said we could keep our doctor: Fake news. They said it would be cheaper: Fake news. Tonkin Gulf Incident: Fake News. WMD in Iraq: Fake News. Trump a dupe of Russians: Fake news. Clinton going to win the election: Fake News.

The good lies are the really big ones — so big they can’t be proven one way or another. So anything they don’t like is now “fake news.” Wow.

The US Congress — our elected representatives — have passed a law to “curate” the news, as Obama called for, to point out “fake” news and tell the “truth.”

This is unbelievable. We are way past the edge. Now anyone who criticizes modern Leftists policies (as promoted by the Neo-Conservatives, Democrats, Leftists, and Progressives, Globalists) will be accused of being Russian dupes or “extremists.” Trump — right winger that he is — will also be accused of being a Russian dupe not because he doesn’t tell the truth, but because Truth is now being defined as the reality decreed by the elites. As is, “there is no way Trump can be elected”: Fake News.

And this is taken seriously be the “elites” in the US. They are the people that have brought us decades of war — a “Forever War” in the Middle East. Not all-out-war-to-end-a-war, but war that cannot end— turmoil and tragedy without resolution. Instead of admitting defeat and withdrawing to truly protect our own borders and people, we double down to create a global Progressive/Leftist society where a Ministry of Truth will tell Americans when they have wrong thoughts!

The problem with our policies is that we end up believing our own propaganda. And so here we are.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
Colorado Springs

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