Civil War?

When I write I think aloud. Not every thought should be considered complete. In fact quite the opposite — lots of thinking and writing and re-writing and considering yield more complete thoughts. With that in mind, here is a partial thought I shared with someone:

I wonder what they thought of me when I said I was voting for Trump. 🙂

But this is serious. I am now considered the equivalent of Adolph Hitler for my political views. Facebook and Twitter are “suspending” accounts for aberrant political views. I’m sure no one from BLM calling for cop killings was ever suspended, nor is anyone suspended for calling Trump supporters the equivalent of Adolph Hitler. So it’s all one way (of course).

And the MSM is in wholesale attack on the president-Elect. They are calling any web site they disagree with “fake news” from the Russians. And I think they believe it.

I guess that is what concerns me — the Left really believes in what they are saying and if so, then the implications are huge. Civil War. I mean, if they are claiming — as they are — that the election was stolen by the Fourth Reich in cahoots with the Russians and that all of their political enemies are white supremacists, racists, people who wan to enslave blacks, kill gays, etc, . . . what are the logical demands upon people who really think that?

I really am tired of being demonized for 1) who I am and 2) my political views.

Does the left really think they can win a civil war? The only way they win is if they retain the power of the USG and then use that power — as they have been — to demonize all political opposition. This means denying them opportunities for promotions, kicking kids out of schools, withholding tenure from professors. Can a non-leftist truly have a place as a bureaucrat any more? This is exactly what the Soviet Union did — people with views “against the people” were kicked out of the communist party and then they lost their jobs and their kids were kicked out of state-run (the only kind) schools.

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