The Coast is Not Clear

The Christmas season is here and as happy as I am with the recent election I cannot but see struggles ahead. The elite — the uber wealthy, the press, bureaucracy, media, and especially academia, — hate the anti-globalist agenda represented by Trump. They have no problem calling all of us racists (the ultimate slander in the minds of the Progressive Left) and dupes of the Russians. Everything Trump does is criticized in the press, including a phone call to the head of the Taiwanese government (as if the press really understood what was going on).  For them it is any avenue of attack on Trump (and by proxy those who supported him).

So they hate us. They slander us. They lie about us.

Who is us? Anyone with the chutzpah to go off-the-reservation and vote for Trump. We — those who voted for Trump — are like a disease which has grown resistant to anti-biotics and emerged more deadly. The current Right is an anti-biotic resistant strain of disease in the mind of the Left. The anti-biotics that they have applied us, for decades is, of course, the fear and loathing induced by labeling us the Un-Touchables: Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, and so on. These are academically invented four-letter words used to control the discourse — they resist precise definition and thus cannot be refuted. It is the tagging alone of this social sin that counts — not the proof of it; for one cannot prove what one cannot define.

I mean, what, really, does “racism,” mean? That one is impolite? That one uses socially unacceptable words? That one wants to limit immigration? That one wants to cut welfare benefits? That one does not feel guilty for the sins of others? That one doesn’t vote for the Democratic party? All of these are conflated into the one unforgivable sin of being “racist” such that even the whole White race is accused of being “racist” simply because of being white. Wow. How about that!? The Left shouts that we are all criminals and worse — little Hitlers — who are good for nothing but to be expelled from school, denied employment, passed over for promotion, and if we don’t spout the credo of the Left strong enough — fired from our jobs. Essentially, denied the ability to keep ourselves and our families alive.

We just don’t care any more — call us as you will — we are going to stick to our gods, our guns and our guts.   Our gut tells us — even if we don’t read it somewhere —  that the Left is really screwed up and is bent on the destruction of who we are.

We don’t see the world the way they do. We don’t want to. We aren’t going to apologize. And we aren’t going to agree.

And neither are they.

How can two walk together unless they are agreed?

Peace comes when one side loses. No sooner. If this election was any indication at all it is that the Right has awakened and the Left is furious. We live in interesting times.

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