Ann Coulter/Breitbart

This article is worth reading — sounds like we share similar thoughts on the election.


Her advice to Breitbart News and its readers to withstand the coming years of media onslaught was: “Never appease, never compromise, never apologize even if you might have phrased something differently. Absolutely never apologize.”

“It’s funny, I’ve always said you can always tell what liberals are guilty of by what they accuse you of,” Coulter observed. “And what are they doing here? They’re accusing the one news site – or I’m sure there are a few others who are also being called ‘fake news’ sites now – but the news sites that got basically everything right over the past 16 months, while the entire, I guess it’s still called ‘mainstream media’ news, certainly television news, massively, hilariously wrong, now they turn and attack the websites that now have been proved accurate. They’re the ones that are being called ‘fake news.’ That’s what we know they’re guilty of.”

Coulter laughed as she quoted herself saying she doesn’t think David Duke really exists, “because I only hear about him every four years when Democrats or the media need to smear a Republican.”

“He could not be a more irrelevant person for an irrelevant organization,” she said of Duke. “I’ve known FBI agents over the years, and they used to tell me, they’d send out agents to infiltrate these Klan meetings, and discover there were more agents than there were Klan members. And David Duke left the Klan 20 years ago! Seriously, is he still alive? This is the craziest boogeyman.”

Coulter thought the Left’s relentless effort to demonize everyone it disagrees with, and delegitimize competing arguments instead of engaging them, was one reason the media lost so much credibility with the voters who gave it such a big surprise in 2016.

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