What Really Happened on Nov. 8

Trump won. Why? DJT was the only politician who refused to assent to the rhetorical rules of the Left — that all things disagreeable are racist, sexist, Islamophobic and so on. This was more than Trump’s victory and Clinton’s loss — this was a perhaps fatal blow to the Left.

My liberal/progressive/Democratic (Leftist) colleagues have been quick to hate Trump supporters by calling us ignorant racists.

The problem is — we left that plantation. Calling us names just makes us realize how stupid we were to agree to the Left’s terminology in the first place. This is what really infuriates the Left. Their little laps dogs won’t come running back into the yard when they scream “racist” at us any more. THIS is Trump’s sin. This is my sin.

We, the American people (the diseased to the Left) have finally built up enough immunity to their anti-biotic, which consists of accusations of racism, et al, that we aren’t submissive and afraid any more. So we went ahead and voted for Trump. What are they going to do now?

Consider President Obama who, after Trump won, says: “”We are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an ‘us’ and a ‘them.’”

Oh really? This from the leader of the Left (the Democratic party) which has excelled in building voting coalitions built on tribes and ethnic identities. Obama appointed as Ambassador a man whose was the president of a racial identity group called “The Race” (La Raza). The Left builds an identify/tribal block around the LGBTQ folks who call basic Christian morality “hate speech.” Is Black Lives Matter not an racially themed movement? If not, then from whence “Black?” Or the National Association of Colored People, or the United Negro College Fund, or the the Congressional Black Caucus? Or the Black Student Union on every college campus, or the Hispanic club.

The Left (the Democratic Party) thrives on ethnic and racial identify politics as long as it is not White identity. Why? Not because they are white, but because of what they believe. Some white folks — those insufficiently brain washed by the Left — reject the Agenda of the Left. White European Christian culture built the West; the program of the Left is to destroy the West an impose a totalitarian system where there is no identity but that which the State permits you to have. So Gay Pride is great to the extent that they become the Useful Idiots of the Left as they consolidate total control over the schools, government and businesses. Hispanic Racial Identity is embraced and promoted as long as they support the Democratic Party (the Left). The Congressional BLACK Caucus is OK because they support the LEFT — not because Blackness itself is of value to the Left. But if they go off the plantation, well, just look how they treated Clarence Thomas.

This is all classical Marxist ideology for those who can recognize it.

The Left would strip men of manhood, women of femininity, tribes of tribalism, nations of nationality and languages of self-possession. The Left claims for itself the attributes of God — to own all, to claim all, to define all, and thus to control all.

Differences — being truly white, or black, or male, or female (even the use of those terms are a threat to the discourse) are to be carefully controlled and manipulated to the advancement of the New Citizen (the perfect communist Comrade, who is neither male nor female, Russian or German, married, or single). It isn’t who controls property any more (the old economic Marxism) — it is who controls ideology (thought, ideas, discourse) in the Cultural Marxism that has heretofore controlled American (and European) political discourse.

The problem is enough white people (and non-white people), straight people (and gay people), men (and women), Christians (and Muslims and Jews and Atheists) have woken up to the intellectual brow-beating they have willingly submitted to over the last few decades and said “WE ARE DONE.”

Electing Trump, per se, is not the great victory — it is rejecting the Left’s rhetorical control over political ideology. And thus they howl. The big win was not that Republicans won — it is that The Left has lost the power to brow-beat Americans into political submission by calling them the “racists.” That is the great offense — the power of Leftist rhetoric has been shattered before they achieved complete control of American society.

No more is immigration and male-female marriage “off the table” politically because they can call us “racist” or “homophobic.” That used to work every time. But no more — we’ve torn those shackles off. That’s what really offends that Left.

“Racist” is a term you apply to people whom you wish to destroy because you disagree with his politics. We understand that now. Leftists never could be racist because their politics are Leftist. But all on the Right must be racist because they aren’t Leftists. But when people aren’t afraid of being called “racist” any more — the Left loses control.

So here’s the real problem. We’ve come too far down this road to heal this rift.

Sometime during this last eight years we were done playing the game according to the rules of the Left. Those rule are simple — you must agree to the validity of the terms “racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogymist, homophobic.” As long as those terms were considered valid, the Left won.

The smart people on the Left know this — they are the one’s who invented these words.

Maybe I woke up when political conservatives were violently run off college campuses by the “diverse and tolerant” Leftists, of when grade schools told white kids that they were racist, or when a colleague thought it appropriate (while drinking my wine and eating my food) to call me a “racist” because I opined that the good people of Arizona had the right to vote for laws that conformed to existing Federal Law. Somewhere along the line a lot of us woke up to the condition of our ideological subservience.

But that’s over now. This is the source of the Left’s incoherent rage — that we dare reject the discourse that they controlled.

So to the Left: go ahead — call us your hateful names. From me you will receive no apology or argument. No explanations but the above. We are done. We know you won’t quit being the Left but we fear your words no more. We have woken up. It is your turn to be afraid.

Fritz Berggren
19 November 2016
Colorado Springs

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