The State of Education

Rhere is an issue that I have not heard politician talk about that will prevent fundamental change in the United States: The Education System.

The minds of men are molded by what they read, watch, listen to and are taught. The public education system (from Pre-K to Ph.D. Programs) is the primary means by which people are indoctrinated — and nothing either candidate can change values and philosophy that are passed down from this system.

And that would be fine if the system taught respect for God and the Ten Commandments, and a history of Europe that did not demonize Europe and Europeans, and embraced the ideas behind the Constitution.

But that’s not what is taught.

Children and future teachers are taught that God is a figment of irrational imaginations, that there is no right or wrong, that Christian white men (who founded the United States) and all the have represented should be rejected. Good has become evil and evil has become good.

• The Constitution is but a racist rag, to them.
• “Human” rights — whatever they emphasize on any given day — has replaced the Bill of Rights.
• Male/Female marriage is taunted as “misogynistic” ( this word is but a place holder for “evil”).
• Homosexuality is applauded.
• Free speech means burning the US Flag; but an essay like this would be banned because it “offends” those in protected categories.
• Free speech has been replaced by speech codes.
• Open dialogue has been replaced by a system of informants who spy on their neighbors and report political/moral violations to EEO panels.
• The internet is now a means to suppress free speech (Twitter, Facebook and Google).

By way of illustration, here is a fundamental problem: everyone “knows” that you “can’t discriminate.” Yet this is not true — it is risible. Discrimination is the process of creating a boundary (scrim — a writing) in which there are two (di) sides. To di-scrim-inate is to contemplate a situation, divide it, and accept one side and reject the other.

Examples of di-scrim-ination include:
1) A woman refusing to date an unemployed man.
2) A man refusing to date another man.
3) The US Marine Corps refusing to enlist the blind.
4) The NFL refusing to contract midgets as line-men.
5) The Department of State refusing to hire people who cannot pass the Foreign Service Officer Test.
6) Male and Female Bathrooms discriminate.
7) Rejecting only some some people for Visas.
8) Arresting only people who break that law.
9) Requiring voters in the United States to be US Citizens or Residents.
10) Parents refusing allow their children to hang out with drug dealers.
11) An R-rating for a movie discriminates.
12) Denouncing terrorism discriminates against “holy warriors.”

These are acts of discrimination. To reject discrimination is to reject the ability or capacity of people to make value judgments and living a full life. Without discrimination one cannot have a rational life.

But people are not taught to think at this level. They learn by rote — “you can’t discriminate.” It is drilled into their minds and they repeat it like Chinese communists quoting from Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book — it is an act of intellectual repression, not a reflection of thought or logic.

Detractors will say “but that’s not what I mean” and then they are challenged to really define what it means:

When they say “you can’t discriminate based on race,” the question becomes “then why is affirmative action embraced by those who are supposedly against racial discrimination?”

They respond that it is to “right historical wrongs,” but the response is “then you really are OK with discrimination based on race.”

And then they realize they are trapped by their own rhetoric and will hurl irrational abuse suggesting racist motives — that big scary “R” word that no one wants to be.

The problem is removing the issue from rational control — you do this by dumbing down the argument (By shouting “you can’t discriminate!”) and implying the only racists (AKA evil people) would challenge that assumption.

Shouting “you can’t discriminate” is like shouting “you must reject rejection!” — tautologies that are internally contradictory.

That is not a sign of an intellectually mature civilization — quite the opposite. And this is promoted in our institutions of higher learning.

So this is the level of our education and you can’t vote out tenured professors from the Universities.

Tenured Professors are the teachers of the teacher’s teachers. They train new college professors who in turn train new high school teachers. They set the moral and philosophical tone in their institutions.

This is a closed, self-selecting group who have convinced the State to grant them virtually unlimited funds (including student loans) with little accountability: Tax payers never had a vote in the values their children were taught at the University.

It is hard to overemphasize the power of the universities — they are the priests and prophets of their secular atheistic religion. They are jealous of their power and will prevent those outside their faith from getting credentialed, let alone a tenured teaching position. And thus over the generations nothing will change.

In the long run — if there is a long run for the United States — this has to change.

It used to be that universities were funded by the Church. Now they are funded by the State. This was, in part, because the university professors themselves rejected a Christian view of the world, embraced Atheism, and then turned to the State to fund them.

Thus we do have a State funded religion — Atheism.

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