Discrimination is OK

dis•crim•i•na•tion (dĭ-skrĭmˌə-nāˈshən)►
n. The act of discriminating.
n. The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.

Discrimination is a requirement to live an intelligent life.   Discrimination is to divide something in two (di) by drawing a line (scrim) and seeing the difference.   One cannot be a functional human being without understanding differences in the world and categorizing them as such. No one should apologize for “discrimination.”

But we live in an illiterate society controlled by the mind-blurbs of television.  Liberal education has become illiberal and thought is no long encouraged outside of what has become politically required.

No one should apologize for preferring their own.  La Raza doesn’t.  MeCHa doesn’t.   The Black Student Unions on your university does not.   US Law absolutely requires discrimination for immigration — criminals and the diseased are supposed to be excluded.  (Unfortunately, in practice, waivers are generally granted).

People who tell me “you can’t discriminate” are not self-aware.   To make such a  statement you must already have put me across some line in which I am different than you.  And that is discrimination.  And that is OK.