The Language of Political Oppression

A political movement has invented a language of oppression to crush those who have politial differences with them.  Anytime you hear “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” “misogynist,” or “Islamaphobic,” you are being subjugated to pressure to shut up and agree with the program.  

These weaponized words are meant to destroy those they disagree with — to dehumanize and degrade those who question.  The goal is to completely delegitimize and demonize political opponents so that others fear to be associated with them.

 Anyone employed in the Fortune 100 know with certainty that there is no such thing as free speech in the work place. One dares not praise the beauty and form of any woman.  Criticism of a political agenda like “diversity” risks the wrath of the political enforcement department — aka the Equal Employment Opportunity  (EEO) group. 

Employees and students can join the gay group, the Islamic group, the black group or the Hispanic group, but hinting at pride of non-colored (is non-non-white a term?) ancestry  runs the risk of a complaint to the political police (EEO enforcement).

“Diversity” really means conformity to a narrow minded political agenda.  

“Diversity” to them  means putting other than “healthy-patriotic-straight-white-males” (regardless of qualifications) into positions of power and influence.   

It exactly what George Orwell prophesied: equality is where some are more equal than others.   The books our ancestors demanded we read (Animal Farm, and 1984) as warnings against totalitarianism have not been heeded.   Rather, we sell any concept of political pluralism down the river for the new orthodoxy of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

Unless we attack and undermine these weaponized words (racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, et al) we will continue to lose the struggle  for liberty and political pluralism and philosophical independence.

The new totalitarianism is already here — it is a soft repression, not of gulags known by Alexander Solzenitysn, but of denied educational and employment opportunities and the destruction of businesses straying from the totalitarian agenda disguised by pretty words like “diversity” and “tolerance.”

3 thoughts on “The Language of Political Oppression

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