Tolerance and Diversity

Tolerance and Diversity — watchwords of our political elite — are lies.  They are carefully packaged value propositions that are inherently contradictory.  They are not about tolerating differences; they are about suppressing ideas that challenge the political goals of those that promote “tolerance” as a value.  Ditto for diversity: diversity means conformity to the values of those who promote “diversity.”

For example, those opposing “gay marriage” are “intolerant” in the motif that is propagated; the intolerant  should be punished by shunning, termination of education, fired from employment and removed from positions of power, influence, or trust.   Those promoting “tolerance” are 100% intolerant of speech at odds with their own political views.   Thus, it is expected that members of society become  intolerant of people who oppose the political values of those who control the political discourse — that is, those who claim that heterodox views are “intolerant.”

This is how it is used:

  • Those against gay marriage are called intolerant and “homophobic.”
  • Those against affirmative action are called ignorant bigots and “racists.”
  • Those against amnesty for illegal aliens . . . nay — those who use the phrase “illegal alien” are de-facto “intolerant, ignorant and racist” and themselves not to be tolerated.
  • Those questioning a “diversity” agenda in any place are “intolerant” and you’re probably prequalified as a “racist.”  The “R” word.
  • Those who believe that that Islam is incompatible with Western values are “Islamaphobes.”

    This is all silly talk, but it is politically powerful. Your employer and school really does take this seriously.

    A movement has invented a language of oppression to crush those who have intellectual or political differences with them. It emerged from the Universities, professors who have engaged in a project of undermining the core of the West. What they have to replace it is a statist totalitarianism under the guise of “progressiveness.” It is a soft tyranny that will not imprison you yet, but you may lose your job or education. But that is changing, too. Divergent political thought in some Western countries is called “hate speech” and has landed some in jail and resulted in the removal of children from their parents. Sounds like the old Soviet Union to me.
    The goal is to delegitimize and dehumanize opponents so that others fear to be associated with them. People genuinely are afraid to be called a racist — so they try to prove they are not in their speech, actions, associations and voting patterns. It is a very effective manipulation.

    Those promoting “diversity” really demand conformity to their political agenda.   “Diversity” to them  means getting other than “healthy-patriotic-straight-white-males” (regardless of qualifications) into positions of power and influence.   This is what “diversity” means today.

    George Orwell warned about the manipulation of language as a means of control. In Animal Farm, equality is where some are more equal than others.

    Orwell’s books used to be required reading in high school as warnings against totalitarianism. It seems they have fallen out of fashion.  Political pluralism is sold down the river for the new orthodoxy of “tolerance,” “diversity,” and now “equality.”

    At the end of the day, the big institutions really don’t believe in diversity.  If they did, the NFL would recruit the blind and disabled, and the intelligence agencies would insist on a quantity of imbeciles and Geert Wilders would be welcome as a speaker on college campuses.

    “Tolerance” and “Diversity” are neither tolerant nor diverse, they are rhetorical levers to deceive and manipulate the less sophisticated in order to control the political discourse.

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