No Apologies. Time to Advance.

Mimicking Linda Sarsour, Muslim, the number one priority in a Christian nation should be to resist assimilation. I look forward to a Christian state that will  officially recognize Jesus Christ as King, and advance  public laws and policies based upon the Ten Commandments. Christians — stop apologizing and accommodating those who hate Christianity.  You will […]

Collapse — An Academic View

Under a situation of declining marginal returns collapse may be the most appropriate response. Such societies have not failed to adapt. In an economic sense they have adapted well- perhaps not as those who value civilizations would wish, but appropriately under the circumstances. What may be a catastrophe to administrators (and later observers) need not […]

What Comes After the Fall?

If the Global World order is doomed to collapse — and I think it is — what comes next? Chaos, anarchy, and war, of course, but no less than there is now. It will just be different. When Rome collapsed, different forms of government emerged, none attached to the center — there was no more […]

So This Is What It Looks Like

Civil War, that it. This is what it looks like. Wholesale attack on a constitutionally elected president: Lies, lies, and more lies.   The previous president can sick the IRS on political opponents and it gets put a yawn from Republics, Democrats, the deep state, and the Press.   Doesn’t even matter.  Hillary can set up […]

Global Elite headed for a Fall?

The article makes points that I’ve talked about before: decline of the middle class the global financial order (seeking efficiencies) only transfers the wealth to the top tenth of percent. The lower 99% are losers in this integrated system, both economically and politically Read “Global Elite Headed for a Fall” here.