You Fascist!

I think this summer will be remembered as the start of the second US Civil War. Sounds melodramatic.  But that’s what I think.   Hard to say how it will unfold.  Do we get distracted by another foreign war and rally around the flag?  I don’t think so. I think the Left has gone top far. They […]

Ideological War

War.  Not kinetic —  ideological. There is a war on for your inner being. Every song, every headline, every soundbite, every image you encounter is a salvo in the war for your mind.   All of life is evangelism — both sides want to win you over. It is a the war for your soul:  Truth […]

Understanding Our Predicament

  The elite, well-to-do, internationalists, technocrats – call them what you’d like – demonize poorer members of society as ignorant and parochial. The poor see the elite as contemptuous of them and abandoning the principles to which they were born, in favor of wealth and the world that the poor cannot access. It is about […]

What’s really going on . . .

This article has splendid graphics that explain what I’ve said elsewhere.  Basically, the “efficiency” gained from a flat earth economy does not accrue to the working or middle classes — it all accrues to the richest fraction of a percent.  The lowest Americans become angry paupers of the welfare state and the shrinking middle class are […]